Discover 3,000 years of history as you explore the many sacred and historical sites of the Holy Land. Israel is at the heart of the world’s three main monotheistic religions, making it one of the Middle East’s most intriguing countries. Wander the winding streets of old Jerusalem, including the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, or visit nearby Bethlehem, home to the Church of Nativity with its age-old limestone columns. Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial, is a much-visited site and provides visitors with a truly insightful, and important experience.Ascend the mountain fortress of Masada, and float in the saline waters of the Dead Sea. Visit modern Tel Aviv, renowned for its Bauhaus architecture and dynamic culinary scene.

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Dormition Abbey

One of the most recognisable landmarks in Jerusalem with its Romanesque-style arches, Dormition Abbey occupies the site traditionally believed to be where the Virgin Mary died. In the crypt, carved pillars surround a shrine devoted to Mary.


Reached by cable car, the mountain fortress of Masada was built by King Herod and is a World Heritage Site. It is where the Jews made their last stand against the Romans in the first century.

The Tower of David

Near to the historic entrance of the old city, the Tower of David is now home to a museum that is filled with the history of Jerusalem from its beginnings in 200BC. Visitors also discover its importance to the three largest monotheistic religions.

Jerusalem Old City

Within the majestic walls of the old city are the treasures of centuries past. Pilgrims worship at the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, whilst exploring the lane ways and markets of the Four Quarters provides a fascinating cultural insight into daily life in the city.




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Classic Israel

Step back in time as you explore Israel’s many historic sites, from the narrow streets and sacred places of old Jerusalem to biblical Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus. Visit the Church of Nativity, the oldest church in the Holy Land, and see the Silver Star in the floor that marks the spot where Christ is said to have been born. Head to the shores of the Dead Sea and explore the stunning mountain fortress of Masada. Built by King Herod, it is reached by cable car, and is where the Jews made their last stand against the Romans in the first century AD.

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Highlights of Jordan & Israel

Embark on a journey through the ancient lands of Israel and Jordan. Each is a treasure trove of hilltop fortresses, storied cities and holy sites from the world’s three main monotheistic religions.

Enjoy the fantastic sites of Amman; the Roman Theatre, Nymphaeum and the Citadel before exploring the ancient city of Jerash, one of the best preserved Roman cities outside of Italy. Other highlights include the red-rock city of Petra, a 4WD safari through the deserts of Wadi Rum and a visit to the Dead Sea, where you can float in the salt-rich waters.

Explore Israel’s historic sites and walk through the narrow streets of old Jerusalem. Marvel at the World Heritage Site of Masada and visit the sotired Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, the oldest church in the Holy Land.

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Israel Overview

Why visit Israel? Israel is very much the historic and religious centre of the Middle East. With over 3,000 years of history, and countless historical and sacred sites it is one of the most fascinating countries. It also borders the salt-filled Dead Sea, 427m below sea-level.

What is the climate like in Israel? The weather in Israel is usually very pleasant, during summer (June to September) temperatures range between 27-32°C. Jerusalem is generally a little drier and cooler than Tel Aviv. Days during spring and autumn are usually between 15-25°C and during winter (December to March) maximum temperatures at 15°C, whilst the nights, particularly in Jerusalem can be very cold.

What can I combine Israel with? Jordan is one of the best countries to combine with Israel, particularly as many of Jordan’s best sites are nearby the Israeli border. Neighbouring Egypt is only a short flight away, and is another country filled with ancient treasures, temples and history.

How do you get to Israel? Road transfers are available from Amman (Jordan), or you can fly direct to Tel Aviv with Royal Jordanian. Air Sinai also offer flights direct from Cairo.

Is Israel safe to visit? The UAE, Morocco, Oman, Irael, Egypt and Jordan are all considered safe places to travel for tourists. Israel has some areas of concern such as the West Bank and of course the Gaza Strip. For more information please contact us on 1300 363 302 or visit our FAQ page.

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