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Arctic Cruises and Tours

Journey with us northwards on one of our Arctic Cruises where you will discover dreamlike landscapes of snow and ice, rugged mountains, dazzling glaciers and the tranquil shores of sheltered fjords and inlets.

This is a region of spectacular wildlife, from huge polar bears measuring 11 feet in length, muskox and massively tusked walrus, to giant colonies of birds and seals. White beluga whales glide silently through the cold waters, which are also home to humpback and bowhead whales, bearded seals, and the mysterious narwhal. Discover these stunning landscapes with our partner brand Natural Focus Safaris.

Our ships are the same sturdy, ice-strengthened polar expedition ships used in Antarctica, and we also offer some exciting land-based expeditions. All our journeys are designed to get you close to the action with daily excursions by Zodiac, kayak or on foot along the shore. Itineraries are flexible and depend on ice and weather conditions and the movements of wildlife. Many of our journeys also include visits to remote Inuit communities and historic and archaeological sites dating back thousands of years.

Our program of Arctic cruises and tours have been carefully chosen to provide spectacular scenery and wildlife opportunities for our clients. Let our experienced Arctic staff tailor make a trip to suit your specific interests and budget.

To find out more about our range of recommended Arctic cruises tours, please view the pages below, or click here to download pages from our brochure.

Our Arctic brochure also features our range of Antarctica cruises. For more information on these journeys please visit the Antarctica section of our Natural Focus Safaris website.

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Our Arctic Cruise & Tour Destinations

Canadian Arctic

Canadian Arctic

Experience an incredible exploration of historic Canadian sites combined with abundant birdlife and wildlife including ploar bears, and Inuit culture. This in-depth provides excellent opportunities to view iconic wildlife, breathtaking coastal scenery and visit remote communities…

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High Arctic

High Arctic

Voyage ever northward past the Arctic Circle and into the polar desert, exploring the unspoilt wilderness of Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland, Baffin Island and the fabled Northwest Passage. Explore some of the iconic symbols of the Arctic including flords and glaciers, Inuit villages, muskox and explorers’ camps…

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Russian Far East

Russian Far East

Russian Far East Cruises will take you to a landscape of remote, icy islands, ice-clad volcanoes, and lush green valleys winding through jagged mountain ranges. The Russian Far East is unique, the culture, the climate, the history, the diversity, the wildlife; it is a world away from the Russia you might have explored…

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Arctic Land Expeditions

Arctic Land Expeditions

Arctic Land Expedition tours will allow you to discover the true nature of the Arctic. From pods of whales to polar bears, flowering flora to stunning vistas of icebergs and a vast blue skyline. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Inuit, with visits to local Inuit communities…

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Antarctica & The Arctic Brochure

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What Clients Say

“My partner and I chose the Inner Passage Cruise with Natural Focus Safaris because we preferred the adventure aspect of wilderness areas, either by ourselves or with small groups…saw harbour seals pop their heads up and an otter catching a fish and eating it on a log in front of us was amazing…we have booked our next adventure…”
Brigitta Prenner, Canada & Alaska Cruise, Read More
“A trip of a lifetime has become a reality for us. This journey was all that we imagined, and more – a wonderful exhilarating experience. Our every need was catered for – during the booking process, at arrival and departure points and during the cruise. The staff of the boat helped to make this trip an experience of a lifetime, one, to never forget. Thank you!”
Chris and Jack Cox, Antarctica, Read More
“I would certainly like to return to SE Alaska and would have no hesitation in recommending this trip. The crew were very professional and their enthusiasm about the beautiful pristine environment was infectious. Glacier Bay was certainly one of the highlights of the week and being able to get so close to the glaciers, either in…”
Jill Corish, Alaska Cruise
“Natural Focus Safaris took care of all our bookings and transfers and everything went so smoothly. My second trip to Antarctica with Natural Focus Safaris – a once in a lifetime trip….again! An expedition, not a cruise. Killer whales and humpbacks swimming around our zodiacs.Huge colonies of nesting adelie, gentoo and chinstrap…”
Rowena Mann, Antarctica, Read More

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